Friends Of Couture

Melbourne has always been the nicer, trendier, more-Eurocentric first cousin of Sydney. If living within Australia , it’s a great place to visit domestically, yet still get that international vibe.

A few keys notes:

– the homeless people are innovative. Board games on pavements, knitting together garbage, you name it, they work damn hard for their pity money.

– the city is a grid and it consists of subdivisions of the main streets e.g. Swantston -> Little Swantson
NB: there are no “Big” equivalents.

– there is one Nando’s per every half person in Melbourne.

– if you don’t eat Lord of the Fries immediately on arrival then you should instead find the nearest salad bar and make love to a tree.

– There’s a HUGE art thing going on. *Refer to photo gallery below.
– Key tip: if you don’t drink coffee, at whatever time of the day, “Melbournians” will legitimately consider you an asshole.

Check out our invasion of the second state below!

Hosier Lane, MEL AUS ’12

Taking over from Lonsdale to Hosier to Swanston… (in REALtime)


RIPND. 2012, WUD the fxck..

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