TOAST! | Part Douze

Howdy folks, special edition toast for y’all.

Straight up, Happy Valentine’s Day for two zero twelve. As flower shops, wax beauticians and mail couriers everywhere feast on this most romantic of days, it is only right to omit any pre-concieved cynicism that may be present and appreciate the day for what it represents. Love, and all things that constitute it. Like sex. So here’s a toast to that.

In much sadder news, Whitney Houston passed away this week, at age 48. Honestly, Ms. Houston was one of like, 6 artists that got regular rotation in my home as I grew up. So. Many. Classics. So this news genuinely saddens me, as yet another musical icon leaves us suddenly.


This shxt is fire!! Anyone who says otherwise can fxck off, really. THERE’S A BOOOOYYYYYYY!!!!!

In unsurprising to those who live here news, Sydney has once again been ranked Australia’s most expensive city, and seventh in the world overall. If not cautious, when put into perspective this news can incite uncontrolled depression. To think that living in places like New York or London is cheaper than living here, I’ve never used this word before but, someone’s gotta be trolling right? Amiright? Yeah someone is, and their name is the government.

Yet despite this, we continue to love our city. Which is good, I guess. Especially when our summers are as beautiful as this.

WUD affiliate and all round “the man” status dude, Chris Yee put it down in Manly over the weekend. Peep below, and then peep this.

Another good friend of ours, MjWoodbridge, is steady prepping his new mixtape coming to you very soon. For a taste of this musical enigma, check the first track of said mixtape. Direct quote from the man himself: “that’s just a taste of what is to come. time to step mah game up!!”. You heard it here first.

Californication has hit half way through it’s fifth season, and I just have to say. THIS SHOW IS AMAZING. Adding The RZA and Meagan Good to the cast was maybe the most genius thing since they started dipping soft serve ice cream into quick-hardening chocolate. And then into nuts.

What’s with the use of all this urban patoir man?

Also, The Walking Dead returns today (in the U.S. ;-)). That show is the T.V. equivalent of methamphetamines. You know it’s terrible for you, especially when consuming in such large quantities…but I need more. Give it to me.

Furthermore, Dear NBC, bring back Community. Now.

And finally, Daisy Lowe getting glassy. …mygoodness


Shots to SMH & Zac Fashion.

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