TOAST! | Part Onze

New toast for your new week. Let’s get it.

The Super Bowl went down earlier today. Taking into account that more than 100 million people watched the game, it’s a little bit of of a big deal. New York Giants gots the victory, yo.

I know it’s late but Australia’s premier music festival Big Day Out went down a couple weeks back, and was quite the wicked outing. The only acts I personally managed to get to were Odd Future, The Living End & Kanye West. All dope as all fxck. And below is short account of everything I remember from the day, instagram style..

Somewhere amongst these moments, WUD favourite Lupe Fiasco made a surprise appearance during Bass Nectar’s set. I missed it. There’s not too many things that make me more angry than this.

Hype machine Lana Del Rey has garnered all sorts of love and hate from the internets, and just released her new album Born To Die. General consensus is that the album is meh. Good for some, not for others. So I guess you’ll just have to see for yourselves.

M.I.A. has everyone talking about her new video, Bad Girls. At first it’s reminiscent of the one where the ranga’s get slaughtered, but then you begin to realise it’s considerably more awesome. She also manages to rhyme ‘down’ with ‘hang’.

Meanwhile, 5 hours of Adriana Lima waving a flag happened on YouTube.

And with Wrestlemania XXVIII (destiny?!) on the very close horizon, I think this is entirely necessary. IF YA SMEEEELLLLLLLLLALALALALALALLALALALOOOWWWWW….WHAT THE ROCK, IS, COOKIN’.

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