TOAST! | Dix

It’s been so long between Toast’s that I had to go back through the blog and figure out what number I was up to. Anyways here’s number 10 for y’all, yo.

First up, Rachel Bilson happened.

Ms. Summer Roberts goes in, and hilariously mentions Ben McKenzie Adam Brody and goes on to diss Mischa Barton in the process. It’s all pseudo-promotion for her new show Hart Of Dixie where she plays a doctor, so yeah. The woman is 30 years old and still looks like she could play a high schooler. It’s mad. #jussayin

SOPA was a thing for a while, and now, not so much. At least for the time being.

Emanuela De Paula. ..mygod.

Emanuela De Paula by GQ Brazil
Emanuela De Paula by GQ Brazil

Rihanna is awesome.

Rihanna is even more awesome. 1 & 10 the best.

Like Donuts?

US TV show New Girl will hit our channel 10 screens tonight (I think?), and I can safely say that this show is a winner. Really. Seriously, I’m not being sarcastic.

I just realised this is my first post of 2012, so Happy New Year ‘n shxt.

And Happy Chinese New Year too. Year Of The Dragon, yo. As the resident 1988 baby here, I can confidently say…it’s me bxtches.

And heres some art in celebration of this. It’s good for blood circulation. Chris Yee is the name by the way, get familiar.

Meanwhile in the wonderful world of wrestling, amazingness happened:

Shots to PCworld, brosome, Metro & BuzzFeed

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