2011, the year the hipsters took over.

In-depth descriptions are a difficult thing to summarise what has been an awesome year in effect of all things #hiife

Here’s a pool of words, phrases and rants ala the best of Sydney two-oh-eleven:

– hate
– cliche
– swag
– (fxck) Bruno Mars
– racks
– Jersey Shore
– <Anything> Shore
– Kardashians
– Muammar Gaddafi
– Osama Bin-Laden
– Steve Jobs *AHA*
– iPhone 5 *AHAHA*
– crooning
– critical
– Tumblr
– instagram
– macarons
– coffee (illy, Campos, Toby Estate)
– “elements of dubstep”
– progressive
– synth-pop
– Stereosonic
– Ryan Gosling
– The Dark Knight Rises
– those fxcking hipsters

And now the coup de grâce of any “best of the year” article…

Best Albums of 2011

Frank Oceannostalgia, U L T R A

Revolver: My my Uncle Frank. Look what you’ve done.

Drake croons this on his sophmore effort Take Care which is a close runner up in this category yet I have to shift the due credit to Odd Future’s crooning prodigy. This mixtape-turned-critical-smash-turned-mayaswellbeanalbum was on repeat in the Red B all year round and with good reason: dudes didn’t need leather motorcycle jackets, tank tops, sunglasses-at-night and MJ swag to be R&B. They just had to be men.

Apparently that’s what Jay-Z and Kanye were looking for too when it landed Govt. named Christopher Breaux on the monster collab album Watch The Throne. Swim good indeed.


David DallasThe Rose Tint

Rocky: Homeland hero D. Dallas dropped one hell of a Hip-Hop album this year. It’s not just here just for patriotism sake, it’s actually really fxcking good. Real shit.


Adele – 21

Revolver: Forget that it was the highest selling album since 2004. Forget that it had two of the biggest singles of the year. Forget that Adele has all the musical talent in the world coupled with what media outlets would describe as “an image going against her.”

Sometimes it’s nice for an artist to win on pure talent and credibility. Whoever this sonic tell-tale of avenging love was made for, you sure showed them Ms. Adkins.

Rocky: This album was very very good. From head to toe, there wasn’t a bad track, and there wasn’t a good one either. It was either very good or excellent. Take away the fact that like 6 different songs from this album were played somewhere on the radio like every 5 minutes (not really an exaggeration), and this may have been best of the year. Why must the radio ruin everything?


Childish Gambino – Camp

ERiC: Forget the Donald Glover you know from the popular television comedy series Community. You know the black guy playing the nerdy white boy personality from a black upbringing? Actually that’s what this album is all about. Having been received with great polarity, this album brings to the forefront the strongest statement about hip hop at this time: anyone can be a rapper if they can, well, rap.

Rocky: Haven’t heard this one yet, but I do know this much: Freaks & Geeks is awesome. Community is the best fxcking show on right now, and Troy is the best character on it. So, yeah.

*NB: L-Mac is Britta Perry. Hard.

Kendrick Lamar – Section.80

ERiC: That boy Cole said it best:

“I did my verse first and sent the track over to Kendrick for him to lay his (verse)… that little mutherfxcker.”

With top notch in-house production controlling jazzy samples and the right amount of tip-tronic drums, Compton’s prodigal son created something like a College Dropout meets Be meets Flockaveli. This album was lyricism at it’s purest, new rap at it’s deepest and swag rap in it’s fullest. #HiiiPower

Rocky: #HiiiPower indeed. Matter fact, that was probably my favourite song of the year. And I only just realised that.

* Honourable Hip-Hop mentions go to J. Cole’s Cole World: The Sideline Story, Tyler, the Creator’s Goblin and A$AP Rocky’s Live.Love.A$AP. Clams Casino = the producer to watch in 2012.


Lady Gaga – Born This Way

L-Mac: This album, not only melted the pop scene with flecks of undeniable fxcking insanity, but also confirmed my suspicions (as a fellow femalien) that somewhere out there, there must be other chicks like me who would rather idolise their HAIR (capital H-A-I-R) than some douche with a 6-pack… unless it’s a 6-pack of Little Creatures. Geed.


The WeekndHouse Of Balloons, Thursday & Echoes Of Silence

Rocky: It must be stressed, any and all three of these albums alone would have made my list, but for keeping things concise sake, it’s The Trilogy as a collective. Man, these albums are dope as dope. Opening in February, House Of Balloons came with such a fresh and new dark and disturbing take on a generally flat genre that was falling more and more away from anything interesting. Then Thursday hit in the middle of the year, and upon first listen it appeared that maybe Weeknd would struggle hitting those lofty heights he hit earlier. But repeated listens later = opposite of what I just said. Echoes Of Silence only dropped a couple of weeks ago, and I’ll tell you what.. REPEAT ever since. His cover of Michael Jackson’s classic, Dirty Diana, is absolutely amazing, Montreal is cool as fxck and Next is as depressing as it is awesome.

Seriously if you haven’t already, cop all three for free (legally) at, or you can wait for the re-mastered trilogy dropping sometime in 2012.

WUD Staff: co-sign.


Cam’s “no comments, I can’t do it” picks

The Beastie Boys – Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 2


SebastiAn – Total




The Roots – Undun

Have a fxcking awesome NYE/NY Sydney + Worldwide!!! XX ’til we’re all in the ’12.

Unless this happens:


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