TOAST! | Neuf

“Fxck it, I’m on one..”

I know I said it was coming Christmas Day, but it turns out, blogging without a computer is difficult.

Never fear though, instead you got this.

Resident WUD scumbag generic ERiC aka M.Hail hit us Boxing Day with his new “demo/mixtape thing (?)” & he “want[s] you to hear it”. Check the link above or just DL it below.

Download here.

For the gamers, IGN is in the midst of their annual Console Showdown, pitting each of the big three against each other in terms of exclusives and what not. For the record, here at WUD it’s PS3, how you wanna be, all day, hashtag fuckxbox, period.

The NBA season FINALLY got under way Christmas Day (boxing day morning for us), with some pretty exciting results falling over the first two days of play. Highlights include; broken Lakers, dominant Clippers, scary Heat and shaky Bulls. I swear the transition from casual NBA observer to fully fledged NBA fan has now taken full effect for me. P.S. Derrick Rose is the man.

Also, Miranda Kerr. ..mygod.

Miranda Kerr by Chris Colls

Here’s a cool as list over at Lani Says, populated nicely with the best songs to bring in 2012 with. This list is pretty legit, the only thing I’d add is like, any Weeknd song and then we’ll be sweet.

Look, we’ve all thought it..

Shots to Lani Says, IGN, ITR & ourselves. BOOM!!

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