“ERiC’s Infinite Playlist.” –{|>^<|}

The Immortals is probably the best filler movie in a long time. Perfect amounts of underacting (different to bad acting), action, ultraviolence and a**. If you have no other reason to see this summer blo… I’ll just say it. Frieda Pinto is fxcking hot.

Image courtesy of Vanity Fair (2011)

So head to the cinemas if you’re geed for some Koonta Sutra.
.. yeah give it some time to sink in.

Ninjasonik, with the aid of Vinnie Chase and Troy Ave (?) do a remix on a re-mix of the 1993 hip-hop classic. Like actual “fo’ real” classic. It’s layered with good time and brand name raps. Chill.

Alex Winston on that Black Keys goodness. I like this cover and it’s giving her buzz so good for her.

Female vocals over deep bass drops? Check
Peaks? Yup
Skrillex? SOFI!!!

Not strong on the wubs though? Where’s my lovely WUBS?!?!

The Weeknd dropped some unreleased tracks from when he was… I don’t know what he was? It’s distinctively more R&B-ish but with Abel & co. you’re guaranteed at least one gem. Let it be this one.


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