Shoji Four Loko

Every November I remember that in the first week of December Koylo’s Papa has… an exhibition.

I’m sorry, there is no rhyming word synonymous with exhibition that rhymes with “ember”.

Mitsuo Shoji is no stranger to the art game. classically trained in ceramics at Kyoto University, Japan, Mitsuo has lived in Sydney Australia since 1978, and was a lecturer in ceramics at Sydney
College of the Arts for 29 years. Nationally and internationally Mitsuo has held over 43 Solo exhibitions during his extensive career.

He also cooks a mean Nippon curry and zarusoba.

Got a chance to check out this year’s annual exhibit at Casa dela Shoji on opening night. Good to great stuff.

He’s selling too. But if you’re like the Donuts then you’ll have to consider a right arm or left testicle before copping one of these.

Peep the gallery to see some of the best pieces from the night + Koylo working like a slxtty dog.
BEWARE the urban hipster.

Mitsuo Shoji Annual Pottery Sale, Fri 9th Dec – Sun 11th Dec
13 Forrest Rd, Ryde
NSW 2112

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