TGIF Vol. “ah ballion”

It’s fairly routine for us as diaper wearing monkeys to breathe a heavy sigh of relief when the working week’s clock winds up on a Friday afternoon at around 5:00 pm (2:00 pm?).

Things going on in Schyd Shxtty this weekend:

> The Rocks Village Bizarre, Fri 9th Dec

Rock’s vag and wang fest gets turned out not-all-that-completely into something of cabaret meets subtle expressionism…
.. yes I am talking about a strip club.

But you don’t have to throw, tuck, bird feed green bills to anyone ‘cos it’s free (except the food and the garby hipster ish). Weather’s good so check it out!

The Rocks
Sydney 2000

> Tom Ballard – Since 1989, Sat 10th Dec

I’m a sucker for stand up. And this guy’s getting a good wrap. So explore with him the 21 years of his existence, on Saturday night. All the proceeds go to Oxfam’s Close the Gap initiative. That’s pretty funny.

The Entertainment Quarter, Cnr Lang Rd and Driver Ave
Moore Park 2021
Telephone 02 9357 1419
Price $10.00

Sat 10 Dec

Open 5.30pm

Other completely viable options:

I heard the weather will be shxt so…

1. Fileshare TV shows

2. Bootlegged movies

3. Turds with friends

4. Anything with the missus/boyfran

5. Pr0n

6. The Dark Knight

You decide!

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