“ERiC’s Infinite Playlist.” –{TrippyMayne}

Soundscapes are pretty trippy… mayne.

“But what’s a soundscape?”

Most songs that use this structure have a tonne of layers and are more so sound based than vocally orientated. So to put it plainly and not pretentiously it’s like sitting outside and having a bunch of sounds come across in a disinct melody or rhythm. Kind of like enhanced orchestra. Or maybe “scape” is just a schmancy suffix used by producers to let you know how hard it was to make track x (words compensating for bad writing).

This week I got some new music for ya from London dubsteppers / composers Nero who are actually on the line-up for BDO #win

They’ll be bringing their arcade machine symphony down under come January 26th in Sydney so try and grab tickets. Because it’s worth it. And because Dr. Dre said so (?)

Terrace Martin, producer from the Cali / west coast hip hop scene, has dropped a visual for one of his singles titled “Do It Again”. He’s recruited two freshmen in Kendrick Lamar and Wiz Khalifa for the psychadelic party-introspective-kinda-sorta track. Dope beat, Kendrick steals the rhyme show, Khalifa rides the lollercoaster home.

New Jennifer!!! #neverabadthing #wifey

P.S. did you pick the sample from that last track?

Massive Mondaze,

– ERiCislike

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