Food Run: The Dip @GoodGod Small Club

Whilst you need to be a 30 Rock regular in order to comprehend the implied wit and smarts of the author generated by the extravagantly worked play on words in the title of this article, you don’t need ANY pre-requisites when it comes to appreciating the food-and-other-edible-stuff- making genius that is the Dip! #angelssinging
*NB: I am NOT a foodie. I just fxck… I mean eat a lot. I think that’s justifiable criteria to talk about some edibles ’round town.
Nestled not so delicately in the anal canal of GoodGod Small Club, Liverpool St., Haymarket, Sydney, this understated, and somewhat underappreciated, diner-esque like food joint stands out in my books, and it’s not just because of the hotdog happy hour. The fat kid inside me just lost all bladder control.
A descent down the staircase reveals a scene that I can only describe as the lovechild of the Sopranos and the Flintstones – That’s code for booths with a bedrock appeal, dimly lit, the smell of cocktails and a strict no smoking policy (Thanks, GG). Strings of coloured globes provide just the right amount of light in order for one to enjoy the expressions of one’s dining partner, but not quite enough to allow for realisation of exactly how much one is eating. Put short, you can stuff your face and no-one can call you on being a fatty, you’re secret is safe with me.
The menu is fairly extensive, and seriously indicative of an American street food/diner influence, with a side order of Mexican, and who’s complaining with pulled pork nachos, barbequed corn, hot wings and salsa fries as regulars to name only a few, all under $15…I had to try several of these…you know, for the purpose of this article and all…

Oh yeah, and did I mention the hotdogs? Forget whatever it is you’ve been told about hotdogs, or what that bad “I’ve been drinking since midday and it’s now 2am” drunken Harry’s experience taught you, you haven’t had a hot daaaawg until you’ve had one of these babies.
Now I don’t normally eat hotdogs, I’d personally rather eat a homeless man’s vomit after its been sifted through the lining of a horses intestinal tract in order to preserve only the chunks, apparently they do something similar with cats and coffee or something. Anyway, for the purpose of this article, I put my pride to the side and took a bite… and then another, just to be sure, and then I may have snuck one more after the attractive bar staff distracted my eating partner, its dark like I said so I could get away with it, another BONUS!
What I experienced was something like the lovechild of the best snag I’ve ever had, and I’m talking fucking gourmet butcher sausage, and a burrito, or something similar. This hot little number brought the crunch of all the fresh stuff (good for skinny chicks, its healthy if there’s a vegetable on it), smokey barbeque beef and spicy chipotle, topped off with a symbiotic treaty between American mustard and Mexican style tomato salsa all entrusted to one carb-comforting bun. It just works, and if you’re weary then hit it up on a Thursday night at 6pm where they’re half price and average about $6 a pop.
Still not convinced? Then tell me, what’s better than seeing a chick eat a hotdog?

…well, maybe order the nachos then.

Check out their website here for menus and testimonials… if you still don’t believe then eat #10dxcks

Barack Obetter!


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