100. The number that naturally follows 99 and precedes 101.

100, one hundred, hecto. The basis of percentages indicating a full amount.

My personal favorite:

The idea here is that we’ve made it to 100 whopping posts on WUD. Sooo with a full team of writers and editorial staff in tow now, getting to 200 should take less than triple the time it did to get through the first 100.

And this is a big deal for several reasons:

1. Once Moses made it to 100 years of age the next 400 were easy (apparently).

2. Jonas likes and will get more stories.

3. Guarantees that there will be another photoset with hot girls eating donuts in the next 100 posts.

4. This is not likely to stop anytime soon. So fxck you very much.

5. What up GG.

Stereosonice went off over the weekend with many a hitch. That’s not to say it was a bad day for those there. In fact from most of the photos I’ve seen the turn out was monster esp. in ANZ Stadium. But I have to call out the event coordinators for their fail on the no no-shirt policy,

The best part of my day.

That may be a lie as I was unable to actually attend this year. But thanks to the good people at Moshtix and inthemix.com.au here is a highlight of the day:

More highlights!

I’m sorry but Muzza + Gabber [to me] = seeing a Unicorn peeking through my shower drain. Creepy, magestic and it tickles.

The Roundtable aka “Where Dreams Go To Die” or “Mickey’s Ego Diddle Playground” is coming back soon. Like 2012 soon. I want time to revise the format as I believe we can be taken more seriously as a legitimate source for local and global news and current affairs.

*Mini-Extra-Sparkles Revolver Roundtable Insertion*

Egypt is seeing today their first democratic election in 30 years. The catch? The head of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), Field Marshal Mohamed Tantawi declared that the army would not allow “troublemakers” to disrupt the elections and that “foreign hands” would not be allowed to meddle. The military has also instated a prime minister to oversee the process which has reportedly alientated a large sector of the population.

Umm good one guys. Go democracy! #needIsaymore

This is CAIRO!!!

What’s the deal with democracy anyways? Don’t look at me like that Australia. It’s not like you can talk! Oh wait, you can?

Hey, don't shoot the messenger.

Ryan has a new song out, don’t you Ryan?

"You tell me."

Umm nah I’ll be alright.

In other news, Ryan [October] has a new song out. In fact this could be his first legitimate single to the public EVER. So press play or pause it infintely it but definitely don’t pass it.

Shout outs to Yong Soo for the photography, let the lights kim chi.

So looking forward to another 100 posts with… whoever really. The more the merrier! #orgyhysteria

Who am I kidding? Chicks x Donuts for all!

"Karma Cream-Filled"
For Jonas!

One thought on “100

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