Friday Night Toast / Part Sept

“We got 99 posts, but this shxt ain’t done..”

That juicy tender toast is back for your Friday night/Saturday morning in a new timeslot that feels not at all inadequate.

Start it off with some Abel Tesfaye, better known on the internets as The Weeknd. For some reason this guy had a huge legion of unofficial, fan-made (but very dope) videos put to his aural works of 2011. Seriously am I missing something? Was there like a competition or something? Vimeo The Weeknd if you don’t know. Anyways here’s the first, as far as I’m aware, official video of XO, and it’s trippy as fxck. The track’s called The Knowing. Word.

Speaking of Weeknd, you can find the man’s vocal stylings laced over more than a couple tracks on the brand new Drake album, Take Care. This album is strange. I can’t decide if it’s crazy or mildly good. Cos at first I was like, WOAH, and now I’m like, ohh. So the moral of the story is, I don’t know. Despite this, I’m giving it a solid, but not outstanding, THREE donuts.

It’s looking like an all music roast at this point. Next up, Lupe Fiasco, aka the greatest rapper to be rapping rap in this contemporary rap-filled climate, has released a new mixtape entitled, Friend Of The People. Cool shxt. Peep the track list and cop the dee ell right here.

D. Dot, David Dallas dropped the deluxe edition of his previously freely available album, The Rose Tint. And in the man’s own words:

It’s a gift from me to all the people who’ve supported this project. At 50,000+ downloads it just felt like it was time we made something for everyone who asked for a physical product they could actually hold. Instead of just puttin out the same shit, we tried our best to make this as much of a collectors item as possible. 2 CD’s, mean packaging, 4 new songs, and an all Instrumental disc for the aspiring artists or anyone who just loved the beats.

Check the new vid for Ain’t Coming Down, featuring Hip-Hop veteran Buckshot.

Go get it. Seriously.

And yes this marks the end of post number ninety nine for WUD. We came into the game with nothing but a dollar and a dream. But then we spent that dollar. Awkward.

Make sure you tune in Sunday night for post 100. It’s going to be special, indeed.

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