“ERiC’s Infinite Playlist.” –{LuvTRKT}

Yep, it’s been a slow week.

SBTRKT – Fried Eggs

SBTRKT releases an un-released-but-now-released track off the Japanese bonus edition of their self-titled project. Being rated the #1 electro act in the world isn’t easy. But dropping gems like they’re off cuts of rat souvlaki appears to be no problem for the masked duo. The lesson we all learned here: wearing masks = success.

Daft Punk – Something About Us (Cherokee Remix)

The original is possibly the best cut off the iconic duo’s best disc to date. This version. Eargasms don’t fxcking tease me!

Ninjasonik featuring Troy Ave & Vinny Chase – Infinity

Brooklyn stand up!! The do-or-die hailing duo Ninjasonik have linked up with Troy Ave and Vinny Chase to crank out the remix to their No Swords or Masks featured track “Infinity.” The ’93 classic gets a hipster sensibility but hey, the rhymes are tight. Plus anything with Ninjas is instantly noteworth #turtles

Jay-Z – 22 Two’s

Old Jigga. Bounce.

We’re almost in Vegas.

Worst Rapper Alive ™

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