Sunday Night Toast / part six

“Dot com beaches” 

Woah…and just like that, a month goes by without a toast. Got make this one big then. So much has happened in the last four weeks, I don’t really know where to start. Besides yours truly hitting retirement age, I suppose the biggest news for me was the All Blacks finally getting their hands on that frikkin cup. Yes, after 24 years of being the best without being able to prove it, we finally got those bragging rights we so intensely desired. I must say, the Webb Ellis Cup has got to be the most unsatisfying piece of silverware (goldware?) in the history of all things awarded to victors. It seriously more resembles something you would actually drink out of. True story.

Yes. My precious.

In keeping with the spirit of the Toast, here’s a little story about Brooklyn MC Fabolous, and his jacket drive. Love this guy.

I know I try to be positive, but blah blah Kim Kardashian blah blah blah blah. Accurate, wouldn’t you say?

For the geeks out there, a new trailer of Grand Theft Auto V was released. Ray Liotta is back in all his voice acting glory. Like seriously man, I’m gonna lose my mind.

I knew it..

Speaking of fast food…spot the nightmare.
WUD favourite Common has been gearing up for a new album, and it’s looking hella dope, if I say so myself. This man is responsible for probably what is my favourite Hip-Hop album of all time, and whilst at times his work is hardly shy of experimentation and artistic adventure, The Dreamer, The Believer, due December 20, is looking very much in the Be vein.

Peep the Blue Sky video below. Audacious yo.

Sydney. I love this city. But it’s not too far away from strangling the tolerance out of it’s residents with such force, that the entire city explodes. Read.

Odd Future was just removed from the Big Day Out line-up which is, well, I don’t really care. I don’t really enjoy them all that much, but hey that’s just my opinion…other WUD members will most certainly disagree.

Speaking of BDO, I recently decided that yes I really do want to go. I proceded to check if tickets were still available. The answer is yes. I then preceded to check the line-up. Then I saw the NZ-only artists and decided I wanted to go to that instead. Really. I mean why the fxck do they have such a good NZ line-up and then can them for the oz shows. No David Dallas. No Gin Wigmore. WUD is so cut by this news we’re posting it twice.

Martha Stewart. Genius.

Ohh…what’s that, nah nothing, just the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

WUD is going HAAAAAAAAMM!!! (Hard As An Alien-Ated Aggrevated Agitated yet Amicable Aston Martin pushing Motherfxcker!!!) from here on out. Recently moving to to the too legit to quit dot com moniker,, we’re hoping to thrill and entertain you with thoughtful, analytical and intelligent bullshxt. Dig it.

And some Jay Pharaoh to take us home. Chris Tucker impersonation destroys my life. Real shxt.

Shots to 9gag, Lifehacker, SMH & HipHopDX.

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