Paper Mill Semi-Trill

Back in May (wow time flies with old cliches) ShoKkstep took me to this exhibition which he thought might be dope…

Scratch that, he knew a spot for free booze so we went to this exhibition.

Surprisingly I should’ve been not-so-surprised when I got there and almost every BOW awesome. Not surprised as  some of the artists exhibiting for the Semi-Permanent Creative Conference that week in Sydney included the likes of: Reg Mombassa (yes that’s the Mambo guy), Corey Arnold, Michael Leon & Moffitt:Moffitt to name just a few.

Finally after digging up the old Samsung and recovering the data, there’s warranting for a new gallery in WUD Space, called “Semi-Permanent” but it’s fully sick. Check it out!

Ol' mate Reg

Hands down my favorite piece. Was getting a lot of views so phototaking was fxcked

There was no short-supply of the sure crowds, including the urban hipster,

"White light, white heat of our nation"

and the lil’ ones with their Pacman video games. Good to see they’re interested.

Domingo Brown sighting!!!

"LegiTe with a capital T."

Monday morning + rest of the week rush song:

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