The Red Pill Edition

Gahtdamn Biclops

“Can’t you feel my d!ck fxcking your mind?
See? That’s it. That’s the art of it. I’m mind-fxcking the sh!t out of you.”

The Blue Pill: the alarm will wake you up. Your eyes will be tied together by invisible stitches that aren’t inherent to your ethnicity but just a general cliché that everyone experiences when waking up after averaging roughly 5 hours of sleep. Prepare for the day with spikes of humour, passable drama and mind fxcking that is known to many as tomorrow.

The Red Pill: wake up every morning, drop back half a litre of breakfast juice, a couple of eggs, maybe some toast, definitely a lot of bacon. Go for a run or something, enjoy the sun. DIY the rest because you can(?) Because you want to.

So be a winner and take the red pill.

.. or let the fish-burn #live&learn

.. or unless you wanna be this guy:

Good on the All Blacks. Ryan Rocky Armstrong has taken leave for the week to do nothing but eat croissants and wear berets in ignorant mocking fashion of the enemy.

Also Walt Disney’s Tangled. Awesome, awesome stuff. Disney hasn’t failed me since the Lion King spin-off TV series and even that wasn’t half bad. Props to them and the visual direction with this film, as well as the classic formula worked in…

Small sidekick animal = Merch. $_$

I love that shxt.

WUD Week In Redo

We’re a dotcom now! So Googlay come put some ads here and I will head out to pay more foreign exchange students and crackheads to give the website hits. Mi casa su bank account.

If you didn’t catch it in the last posting, Eric & Hailey Mermaid dropped a tune. Inspired by some g-funk, wrecks ‘n effects sampling meets EAD mentality, definitely a throwback track for the children of the 90s.

The book is coming along with the next short titled “The Picnic”. Agfay? You think I give a damn about a grammy?!

Eat a dxck! ^_^

“Drive By” Coming Soon.

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