I Wonder If You Know..

Sunday the 23rd marked the 6 month anniversary of the historical albeit tragic earthquake that triggered the tsunami that devastated Japan’s northeast coastline. The effect of the earthquake left property and lives lost in its wake as well as rupturing further into the metropolis districts of Tokyo causing infrastructural damage to the city.

This post was triggered by an article a friend posted on his FB page feed and it reminded me of this short documentary I watched not long ago.

Palladium Boots collaborated with creative entrepeneur (that’s a legit title right?) Pharrell Williams to bring “Tokyo Rising”.

The doco takes a look at the endearing evolution of arguably the greatest technological culture as it recovers and rebuilds from this natural disaster of 6 months prior.

Click on the YouTube link to check out the other 4 part.

Here’s a featured extra clip. Dope pope.

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