“ERiC’s Infinite Playlist.” –{Bacon.Lettuce.Tomato}

BDO ticket is purchased (shot to L-Mac). Finally seeing Kanye West live, post-808. Thank Gawd.

Speaking of Big Day Out, Mr. D Dot Dallas is not on the bill for the Sydney one, only the NZ show.

“Can I not still enjoy the vocal stylings of Angus & Julius Stone?”


But victory because of this:

NB: Go the All Blacks!! Ooh it stings don’t it?!

SOFI fxck with ’em!


Can I marry it?

So when we often envision achieving a goal, the outcome is ideally perfect, well in our minds at least. However I’ve accidentally learnt that when actually completing a project or task that ish is somewhat far from the perfect than initially foreseen. Not entirely a bad thing though as the most perfect things should come out organic (still try your fxcking best though). So here it is. Bacon Lettuce Tomato

I mean Built Like This

I am a Will Smith, but the slanty, angry kind.

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