William Cosby

First off I want a Coogi sweater, hard. I don’t think I’d ever wear it but #Big did. All the time. So that’s enough justification for me.

Sneaky photo segue to this guy rockin’ the meanest Coogi post ’99. He had at least 10 tucked so I couldn’t touch him. P.S. Coogi is an Aussie original so respect x a ballion.


Kwang-Young Chung is currently exhibiting at the Conny Dietzschold Gallery in Paddington. I haven’t read up much on the man and I don’t want to play up being an expert either (because we all know that when something’s in writing it has to be 100% true) but I do know that he has earned the title of 2011 Artist of the Year in Korea…

Personal impressions: This stuff is crazy, and not the colors-swirling-in-my-cup type crazy, but more like in-your-face-I’m-sobering-up kind of crazy. According to the free pamphlet it states that Chung uses paper from mulberry trees littered with Chinese characters to fold and tie together the cross-polygonal shapes which he puts together to create the distinct shape of rocky mass formations. The tone and shading definitely lends to the fleshing out of this aesthetic effect. And all this is to show the impact of the mulberry paper on his upbringing, a really extensive life metaphor. I guestimated with artistic tour guide Yong Soo Son that each piece probably took him 3 to 4 months to create. #ceebs

NB: Photos were not permitted on the premises.

AGGREGATIONS by Wang-Young Chung can be found at
Conny Dietzschold Gallery
99 Crown Street, East Sydney
2010 Sydney, NSW, Australia
Tel: +61-2-9690 0215
Fax: +61-2-9690 0216
Tue-Sat 11am-5pm

Oh I forgot to mention that each piece ranges in price between $77k and $122k. #planking

I found Kal-El! I mean I found the Fortress of Solitude/New House of El/Hombre Geekgasm… ok screw it, I saw this dudes art exhibit and it was like being in and igloo. In the middle of spring in Australia. Happy now?

Tokujin Yoshioka (apparently) needs no introduction as he has been behind the aesthetic innovations of some of the largest industrial firms in the world such as BMW and Toyota. The innovation of this show was nothing short of remarkable as, what was essentially stacked clear straws, became much more through the use of uber effective lighting and the wearing of foot condoms. Trust me when I say the foot condoms are very necessary. Thanks to the lighting a “mist effect” was created without the use of smoke machine or anything gimmicky as such. Definitely check it out to get a feel for it yourself.

YSS you arty fxck!
His creation of glass is so incredibly dope. Very literally like still water. NOT ICE!

"Let's have dinner at my place tonight."
Daps + Hugs
Practice Safe Steps

Tokujin Yoshioka: Waterfall
07.10.2011 – 17.12.2011
Sherman Galleries Contemporary Art Foundation
16/18-20 Goodhope Street
Paddington NSW 2021
(02) 9331 1112

A few things before signing off:

100% Korean Bull Testosterone
A Chris Yee OG. Art + Hiife fxck ya'll I'm out!

Oh and TGIF!


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