“ERiC’s Infinite Playlist.” –{Nosaj-tHiiing}

Who would’ve guessed a next gen phone promotion would connect two of the most prominent and promising upcoming acts on the left coast.

For the upcoming Windows Me-series, LA based electro DJ/sound architect Nosaj Thing & Compton’s own Kendrick Lamar come together for this collaboration titled “Cloud 10”. Kendrick’s unique delivery and flow work perfectly over the soundscape provided by the young Korean-American who is known for his elementally based instrumentation.

For the sceptics on the whole “genre-crossover-fail” stigma, this is one of those particular circumstances where it really works. Why this time you might ask? Because both artists excel at what they do and aren’t pushing for the crossover sound like other artists/producers.

Also view a behind the scenes clip from the making of the song here:

If you haven’t heard of Nosaj Thing or Kendrick Lamar I would seriously advise you to cop their music and give their catalogues a spin. I’m not gonna even link you punks, go search for that s***!!!

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