Tuesday Night Toast / nombre quatre

“That belt is amazing, now he needs to be ‘Dashing” again..”

Yeah, that’s right, we do what the fxck we want up in here..

Straight up, I’m making it a habit of coming in right on the footsteps of a post from Mickey, so I’ma link you to his latest one here. Check out the newest edition of Art + Hiife, featuring Sydney’s very own, Hyde Park. On the real, taking into consideration it’s several infestations; rats, lads on certain nights, to name a couple, Hyde Park is still certifiably & quaintly dope. Sydneysiders do take this place for granted…if I hear one more person say, Melobourne shxts all over Sydney, or something to similar effect, then they can fxck off. I prefer the occasional sun once in a while.

Anyways getting into things, as you may or may not be aware of, my boys from across the sea of tasmanians (definitely not), stumbled at the final hurdle, and were unable to take home the gold. As heartbroken as I was, it still surpassed all expectations and it was certainly a blessing to a part of the atmosphere on Sunday night.

Now we may not of took out the title, but this happened:

Yep one of those brown faces (I’m flattering myself) rocking the crowd haka was yours truly, and it was seriously awesome. Congratulations to Manly I guess…but to be honest, you may have established yourselves as the new Melbourne Storm minus the cheating and the frauding and the lies and whatnot, but you still look like this:

You are what you hunt.

Moving onwards, J. Cole looks like he’s gonna hit no. 1, The Weeknd dropped a pretty dope Florence & The Machine remix & Ms. Taylor Swift brang ‘im out, brang ‘im out, for a live cover of the fresh-out-of-the-hole-man’s biggest ever single, Live Your Life. Those links start off serious and get funnier as you go through them.

It has been announced that Arrested Development will see one more season which will lead into a feature film. Hipster’s everywhere ejaculated. I, on the other hand, was somewhere between quietly to mildly excited.

I know this is late, but Snoop goes HAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMM!!

The homie (as in, I actually know him) MJWoodbridge, an up & coming sydney musician slash other things, currently based in NYC, has started (or continued perhaps) a tumblr so if you’re that way inclined go here and follow him. It comes with all eccentricities and such, that you would expect.

And to some more personal shxt, going to be making some major movements with my music and stuff pretty soon, so get aboard; http://www.ryanoctober.com yo..

To get you geed:

To sign off the toast for this week, here is your NNEEEEWWWWW intercontinental championship belt, with it’s champion. This is incredible.

WOOAAHHH, you're only smoke & mirrors...

Rocky out.

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