Sydney In Stereo

“Got the walls kickin’ like they six months pregnant…”

What a long ass weekend, for the most part ashy with partial spots of classy. Hey strangely the the first time I did this was on a long w/e so it seems a trend that sh** is bound to happen if you give anyone an extra day off. There’s this art push in Sydney (well I guess with Art & About going on at the moment) where we showcase a load of local talent as well as international students of the game as well.

NB: “International students of the game” does not refer to commerce/finance uni students.

I see Sydney, I see art and I see the worst food that I could possibly eat. And it’s cocoa beautiful. So soak it in!

NB #2: I am not a photographer. Eat 10 dicks.

"Beingnarly". See it during Art & About @kind.of Gallery, Oxford St.

Natural Born Donutz

Sorry VibeWire!
It was kinda hot.

The "Mono Lisa"
Apparently. More on this soon...

Leaving you with some #FoozeForThought

It may seem arty, it may seem pretentious, but it’s 100% the truth. You can’t knock it.

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