Sunday Night Toast / deux

“Black Is The New Black. All Black Everything.”

You probably know but Nike made these. I mean fxck. I mean fxcking. I mean fxcking hell, I need those.

The Dopest Dope I've Ever Smoked.

Big toast to WUD’s own mickey Revolver who, in case you missed it, got a creative writing piece published on Vibewire last week. On some real shit, generally it’s a rule of thumb within our social group to be pretty heavily loled about something like this. But this shit is dope. So check it out if you haven’t already.

And here’s a quick toast to everyone who ISN’T a New Zealand Warriors fan. If you belong in this diverse group of people which covers roughly 99.99999% of the world’s population, then you WOULDN’T have had to witness the level 6 capitulation of the team that you’ve followed so closely all year, and maintained such immense interest with, & finally having confidence that this year could be ‘the one’, last night. Unfortunately I am not one of those people in that large percentage. The sentence before the last one makes very little structural sense, thus the anger I feel at the moment.

And keeping things sport related, over in the homeland, the Rugby World Cup kicked off on Friday night, much to the delight of, well, a lot of people. Honestly, world cup’s seem to turn people who are generally not fans of a given sport, into dedicated fanatical experts. It’s awesome. Really. I told you this is a toast. On the flip side though, EnZed, may have actually exploded with excitement. If you, however, are not an All Blacks fan, you will be severely dissappointed. New Zealand will not lose. If they do, all players and coaching staff will be bricked until the country runs out of bricks. Then they will be shot.

Ryan’s interesting fact #2: I recently met someone who’s surname reads ‘Oei’. Yes, three vowels. This is amazing to me.

So Weezy almost got a milli, T.I. was released from prison, and then sent straight back in (may we take a moment to lol) and those Em tickets went on presale friday afternoon. Pricing, as expected, was fucking ri-dike-ulous. But i managed to snap some up. Unfortunately my bank balance doesn’t share the same level of excitement I do.

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