Sunday Night Toast / la premiere

“White is the New Black”

Rocky here for your very end of the week (according to any REAL calendar) toasting. Gonna try and keep this regular as well as light hearted, and try not to diss anyone or anything…but…you know…gonna “try”.

First up, whatup to Lupe Fiasco. He recently when on a freestyle rant during some performance in the states, and, to cut a long story short, said he was the best. Eye Emm Ohh, this is the kind of cocky, self obsessed attitude the man needs to employ, because, quite frankly, he IS the fxcking best. Anyways check the video. Cool shit.

What else? Oh yeah, I finally got a copy of NBA 2K11, and it blows my motherfxckin’ mind. And that’s all I have to say about that.

People been dropping albums lately, and I’ve had far to little time to even care that much. Kanye & Jay, as well as Game have dropped some solid offerings, although in my opinion, R.E.D. Album is far too effing long. Honestly, who has the patience anymore?? But most interestingly, Lil’ Wayne dropped Carter IV, and it has gone on to sell a fuggin bucketload of copies in the U.S. Official numbers aren’t done yet, but if those projections are true….man. How this happened, I do not know. I was kind of under the impression that he was fading, like Snoop perhaps. But no, he goes and nearly does another milli. Taking into account internet piracy and the such (which has raped the music industry to a point where it’s almost not even worth bothering a la Justin Timberlake), this is equivalent to like 2 or 3 million, in ONE FXCKING WEEK!!! 10 years ago, platinum was being reached nearly every week, but now only the Gaga’s, Rihanna’s and Minaj’s can even dream of it. Now mull that over. But not too much.

All of this leads to this. Weezy will be touring later this year. The twist? Mr. Wizzle is merely the suppport. Outageous hah? Not when it’s this man he’s touring with.

My name is?

Yes the greatest white boy to ever put it down is coming to oz for the first time in, like, a trillion years, with support from one Lil’ Wayne and several of those from the Hoods on the Hilltops. Of course, whether or not Lil’ Wayne is allowed into this country is another story. By all accounts it would be a definite NO with capitals entirely necessary, but knowing the giant mechanical grease box of inconsistency and incompetence known as the Australian government (yeah I failed, whatever), this will not be the case. Hip-Hop fans win if he does. Common sense wins if he doesn’t. Wayne is the inventor of bling and making it rain so, money equals yes, in case uni hasn’t taught you that yet. In all honesty it doesn’t matter to me. I will sell me right kidney, my third testicle, and my heart, to get tickets to see Slim Shady, regardless of whether or not Wayne makes it on the plane. And I’m actually semi-serious. Real shit though, he’s pretty much the first & last artist on my must-see-before-I-die list. That list, of course, looks like this:

1. Eminem
2. Nas
3. Lupe Fiasco 

What makes it even more awesome is that because we live in Sydney, we are reminded of how awesome we are. Only two shows in Sydney and Melbourne will be happening, so be here, or be nowhere.

Buy tickets 13th of Sep here.

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