Rah on Rah on Rah (Thirsty Thursdays)

#LastWeek some cool shit happened. Summarizing ‘cos I’m in a tumblr mood.

What it is: The Rah Collective Exhibition
Where they at: Alexandria, Green Sq.
Who dat: Chris Yee & Timothy “timbo400” Duong (Amongst others)
What you know: Absolutely jack s***

Check out the works!

"MMM droooooop!"

Unfortunately I am not a photographer (somebody lied) so I didn’t get any hectic shots of Crez or Tim’s pieces on the night. Hit up their blogs directly and you can check out some of the more personal shots from the show ^^

For anyone who’s copped it, the exhibit could be heavily likened to the first episode of How To Make It In America. Arbitrary cameras, free booze and activities supplied for the socially inept.

Of course.


It was all worth it.

The Weeknd dropped his second BOW titled Thursday last… Thursday.

A few things, the songs straight off don’t have that same pick-up-catchy charm that HOB had. Having said that though for the most part this nicely compliments the previous installment in what is supposedly a trilogy.

Download here.

Oh yeah and them Rah artists. Well I guess they were busy repping the W. Nothing wrong with that.

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