Red Bull Curates The Ar(t)gyle

Tonight I took great pride and joy in watching my Biggie Smalls brother take center scaffold at the Argyle who for the next three weeks will play host to live art installations occurring in the central courtyard of the establishment.

The skinny of it is simply: there are eight competitors all up, two compete every Thursday night, over the four week period, every competitor has only three hours (6pm to 9pm) to compose their body of work.  Their artwork must incorporate the theme of ‘The Rocks’ (Area encompassing the most northerly end of Sydney City) and competitors can use anything such as paint, sketch or poska, but not aerosol.

Wait, NOT AEROSOL?! Yeah if you’ve seen my brother’s works before then you probably know he loves aerosol. But even without it he was able to produce quite an incredible piece of work within the time frame. Saying no more, here are some photos of the night:

Pausing for interpissin'.
"Wanna of them I-like-art-type-girls."

Props to Cam, Chris’ uni friend and fellow competitor who put on a good exhibition too. I got some footage that includes his work in the following video. Peep. XO Chris. YUP!!

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