*cue Dirty Money & Skylar Grey.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name….is Randy Or….I mean, nah fuck that. For quite a while now I’ve been meaning to introduce myself to the world as part of the WUD team, but being the procrastinating motherfu*ker I am, I haven’t…and consequently, you have continued to live your life. But now I am, & you can take this as that official announcement the world’s been waiting for, you could say I’m like LeBron James, and this is the Heat, except I’m not a dick, and WUD is not going to fail in bringing home the gold.

Before I rant anymore, let me start with this (although this is more like the middle), not only does this day serve as the day that shots were fired and alarms were sounded, warning of the emergence of a blogging powerhouse, but it also earmarks, the something somethingth birthday of Mickey Revolver, the dude who’s been holding it down here at WUD for the last however long it has been. So Happy Birthday to that dude, he’s kinda like the Fijian/Chinese version of Wesley Snipes, except blacker.

And below is a true-to-life transcript of our next conversation:

Mickey: Hey man, wanna come to my party? You should come ay.
Rocky: Ohh, yeah alright bro. Cool. By the way thanks for inviting me man.
Mickey: Oh man, it was cool hanging out and stuff ay, but ahh if you could please just exit the vehicle peacefully and without causing any commotion, it would be greatly appreciated.

Ah what else?, I guess if you like music, go ‘head and check out RyanOctober.com. Ifyou don’t like music, go ‘head and kill yourself.

Ryan’s interesting fact #1: I went to type Fabulous today, but instead I wrote Fabolous. This means I win. In every way. Loso, in case you ain’t know so bitches.

I plan on making more blog posts filled with obscure wrestling references, Hip-Hop quotes and shameless self-promotion unconvincingly disguised as reluctant self promotion on a very regular basis. So you can either look forward to that, or you know, go and ah…kill…your….alright so maybe the death jokes are a little not funny. But there is no appropriate instrument on the face of this planet, that would adequately measure the amount of fuck that I do not give. And on that note,

Peace fiends, eat your greens.

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