NosajMONSTA / TOKiThing

I think I got that wrong…

I’ve mentioned this gig in prior posts and yes the time came and passed. About a ballion other friends and fiends have blogged about this already but I’m just going to drop a few notes re: the gig.  I’d never seen either artist perform live, well considering it was NT’s first time in Aus. I had seen his mini-set on YouTube and this was definitely more intense, gave my ears a run for their money and my dopamine flow into orgasmic overload. Noticeably both artists implemented their samples so that they were recognisable to the audience yet just enough of a sound-byte for them to play with it and make the sound feel fresh. TOKi using a majority of west-coast hip hop samples showcased her besting for nesting on the left coast.

Props for the free beers during the power outage, a less ceebs crowd would have rioted had it not been for both talents ability to humour the situation throughout the outage.

Here’s a video compilation focusing mainly on Nosaj’s set for those who missed out. Props to Will Humga for shooting and editing ^^

For anyone who cares I will marry Jennifer one day. That’s TOKiMONSTA for no other eligible bachelors.

Fluffy heaven x_x

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