The Revolver Roundtable Ep. 9: A Seemingly Endless Supply

I want to start on a very serious note here. No, I will not be slandering the audience as this comes as a matter of utter urgency.

Chris Noth aka Sex & The City’s “Mr. Big” has stated publicly that there is no intention of spawning a third motion picture.

Yes I am totally serial.

I’m keeping this guy here for the rest of the year.

Noth’s primary claim is that the franchise has exploded into a “circus-of-attention” and is no longer likeable to the original TV series format. The whole reason for this story being brought up in the wastelands of this flog is due to this excellent analogy, that we as an audience have such a habitual mindset that change and difference often clash and we often confuse them, ultimately affecting our instincts, judgements and social outcomes. I think I got too deep there but let me use two examples:

Muammar Gaddafi is negotiating with Libya rebels, his daughter says OR Hariri court accuses four Hezbollah members

Wait what, Gaddafi’s daughter said it? And it’s a headline?? Can we try “Mama Revolver’s baking cookies, chocolate chip ones son says.” Yeah somehow I’m feeling my credibility drop already. More specifically she had stated that her father is in direct AND indirect contact with the Libyan rebels. Here we have single point outflow of information that will likely spawn multiple repercussions #intelfail

Some very real things are happening though in good ole Lebanon where four members of the armed group Hezbollah were accused Thursday of the 2005 assassination of former Sunni Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. This info leaked courtesy of a judicial source within the Hairiri Court and as far as we know the proceedings will be BAU until the accused are proven guilty.

So do we see a difference here or a change? Simply put sometimes the media look like they are grabbing at straws when it comes to source points and information extraction. But then they throw in the old fork of credibility that reassures us all that they are telling us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Or is it facts? The news is really just not what it use to be ever since that writer’s strike last year where a majority of them didn’t come back to work. I guess everyone has been following FOX’s template ever since. Ceebs if you didn’t get it #forgetit

Thank you Based God!

You can always count on the French for anything. Whether it’s exotic cheeses, various wines or a seemingly endless supply of course and love-making anecdotes the French always come through when in a very serious clutch. Providing some good laughs for Friday the latest is French President Nicolas Sarkozy taking some initiative and setting a light-hearted example to his countrymen by getting involved in a scuffle where le Président was violently grabbed during a handshake tour in southwestern France. Yes he was a on a handshake tour. Currently making a mental memo so that when I’m famous I can do one of those. Although mine might go something more like this:

Say goodbye to the WUD annual budget.

Two French hostages who were being held in Afghanistan for over a year and a half were released and returned to there home shores. After seeing there expressions upon arrival methinks that they landed somewhere on the south west of France…

"No it's okay Mr. President really, I-I don't want a handshake.."

Alright well there’s a preach for your weekend’s digest. Now go and suck on some sour peaches, or gum ‘cos it gives you 20% of your daily RCI… yeah I read it on a train ad.

God Bless The French & Peace!

– Mickey Revolutions Per Second

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