The Late Show –{|#infiniteplaylist|}– w Revolver

Hey I’m commandeering the Infinite Playlist from Mr. E*ra this week for a special insert. First day off work in 14 never felt so good.

So I’m pretty excited about this gig coming up headlined by bxtchI’maTOKiMONSTA which I should be in attendance for. I keep forgetting that on the bill there’s a guy called Nosaj Thing playing. I’ve heard a lot of buzz surrounding him but as I’m making progress through the WUD record collection I didn’t really get around to checking out his stuff so I thought I’d just wait and see at the set.

Well I got there and was able to check out his stuff this afternoon #fxckwork. Turns out this kids been in the game since ’06. So I’m late to the party again it seems.

Another Asian opus out of LA much like his sitheren who he will be co-headlining with. Dude is musically talented with classical instruments but finds his calling in the power of the MPC (you crazy for this one ‘Ye!).

So check out his ish if you already haven’t, click after the jump below to DL etc. etc.


Local jump-off @Liz’s Junk Food Express up near the bus depot at GVille. Go get the standard hamburger or with the works, $5.50 standard, $8.50 for the latter. Cheers to Koylo who recommended it. So gooood:

"Beast mode ooohhh"

Congrats to all those local students who survived another ceemesturr!!

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