No Swears? No Sweat.

So it was brought to my attention recently that there is a fair few curse words and swears used in my rhetoric when writing ish here. To be honest I didn’t really notice.

The judgement passed was that “Crude language represented [to the reader] a lack of creativity.”

Hmm ok, well I’m not going to be nasty and retaliate with a fire-on-fire approach. What I want to do instead is address the issue simply: I don’t believe in the “power” of words, therefore if I remove their “power” as people accept them then words like fuck or sh!t are just like any other word. Approaching it from a purely practical and context relative operative works for me and I think adds a little more genuinity to the articles. I do get though that the latter can work within an offensive context so if it really is hurting your eyes >this< much then you can discontinue reading.

But hey I was nice to use x’s at least, yeah??

Cheers JC!

So I didn’t really sweat it though, but the chilli beef patty definitely did. Below is a picture process of the creation of a “Machete”: chilli beef patty, jalepenos, a fried egg, salad and mustard/Tabasco ketchup combo on wholegrain.

One day I will own a burger joint. And then a hygiene lawsuit around 2 months after.

"Grrrrill I wanna make you sweat~"

Spicy, if you're a little BXTCH!

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