Skilful Scars & Sterile Needles

Finally the assessments are deaded so let the 6 week break begin: looseness, late nights, alcohol and the like. Actually, what I meant by alcohol was the anaesthetic kind, and I guess late nights spent on some tribal ish with these home tat sessions. A friend of Chris’ from SCA aka The Palette Pack aka Pastel School For Gifted Youngsters is into this style that dates way back to roughly the fifth millennium BC. That’s before the muthaluvin’ Christ.

With the first tattoos it was common practise to use a sharp implement to breach the epidermis (top layer of the skin) to create the contour of the desired pattern before rubbing ink into the purposely inflicted wound so that it would heal and seal in the mark of the ink. Oh yeah they didn’t have Dettol in Neolithic times. Try freshly squeezed cobra poison.

Well thankfully we have more accurate and sterile methods these days but the boy Humga keeps it old school with these heated needles taped to pencils and his ink bottle clip. The result: shxt is medieval. Check it out!

As interesting as it is dodgy.

Kyss got a bird drawn on paper in the end, bxtching out after watching the kiddies carve up their own skin.

Will is a man of many talents, if you’re interested in what you’ve seen you can check his biz profile here (he does freelance pro photography) and his YouTube channel here.

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