The Revolver Roundtable Ep. 8: Manage-uana

To the lovely audience reading from a glowing seam of static and colorful cancer induction, hello, hi and FU back from another take of the #TRR.

I realise that there are things in life that could be far worse than a 9 to 5, so I will shake these things first before I begin counter-culture holocaust for this week.

For those who haven’t seen this, here’s is an amazing example of far the human race has come in the last 40, 000 years:


I appaud her commitment and political incorrectness as it has provided many quotables re: The Donuts Tribe.

Oh and Defqon.1 festival is coming up! This yearly eventus brought to us by the good people at Q-Dance offers some of the nation’s best stand up comedians showcased each year. Here’s a preview for this (the next 5) years:

So it was recently brought to my attention that there a legal imitation of weed out. If you’re stoned while reading this I can assure you that you did not misread.

There is a legal imitation of weed out.

The legal ish is available for retail purchase, (un)cleverly labelled as “Kronic” is causing a little stir in the Aussie socio-dichotomy. Oh yeah the Australians invented it so umm TAKE THAT CANADA!!!

So the boys in the big house in Canberra are having a bit of a fit over this synthetic version of the illicit substance. Trying to rally community support via the stigma that already outlaws the real deal. I don’t mean for this to sound “pro-drug” *JUST BLAZE* but here we have a government kicking up a stir regarding a potential profit goldmine for taxation reaping, kicking themselves in the nads over something that could be the answer to, not only alcohol-induced acts of violence but also putting the entire 10th grade of Mazquarie Fields High behind bars every Fried Day night?

Bravo fellas. In an unrelated topic how’s he nationwide ban on the tobacco trade going?

Well at least she's in the back seat.

“Oh what’s that? Driving against the wind?? Damn you Mother Nature!!”

In relativity if the GOV want to make any difference they gotta start with, wait can you guess? THE KIDS!

I mean sure we have a stand up education system that doesn’t systematically filter children with behavioral disorders or those hailing from poorer demographics into the Centrelink waiting line. I think they’re slipping a little lately as I saw the State Government’s recent campaign coming off the heels of . I’m thinking too much?

On second viewing, it actually makes perfect sense. Yes I believe!

So your take on the Kronic. Is there an over investment of time and money that could be better spent on the use of tax funds for inflating budgets towards better education schemes with stronger disciplinary and life-coaching programs? Or maybe we could just keep paying taxes so that they end up back at the local liqour store.

Kronic in your system, let me know my sh**’s tha bomb~

That’s a “rap term” by the way.

‘Til the next opportunity at being small-minded and condescending, PAYCE!

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