Sitting on a Strawberry Swing w/ Movies & Macarons

You know life is maddecent when the weekdays feel like a fantastical fxcklovechild of the weekend and primary school holidays (way back in the cray stacks).

If you can appreciate a certain place or an experience then it is likely an indescribable feeling that hark ens to something you once or twice felt about an intimate partner. I’m just saying this because I feel this way towards hamburgers:

Yeah I smashed one of these overseas. A tip:

Beets and juicy-for-sure beats a Juicy Couture.

There are some inspiring/exciting things happening in the city of Sydney this week that you can definitely just stroll into sans organisation. I would go with these choices:

Sydney Film Festival 2011

When: Wednesday, 8 June – Sunday, 12 June
State Theatre
How much:
Prices and results may vary (check for tickets here)

Vivid Creative Sydney @The MCA

When: Friday, 10 June – Sunday, 12 June
Where: Museum of Contemporary Art, 140 George Street, The Rocks
How much: 17 for film, otherwise free

Enhanced Night Markets due to Syd Film Festival aka GOOD FOOD!

When: Friday, 27 May – Monday, 13 June
Where: Sydney City Streets and Parks
How much: FREE


Crez asked me “what’s the deal with macarons?” I thought of Ovaltine:

I checked out Adriano Zumbo though. Ceebs explaining HISstory ‘cos he has a .com but I can tell you that it was pretty special for something that’s almost like a glorified LCM bar… then injected with wet cocaine.

Ok it was awesome.

He sells other desserts too so either a good option for the non-dieter or maddecent for dating. Oh fxck it, just eat somethin!!

Music for the Mood

Click on the pic and you shall receive. Til next time BAYBEH! ~if this were to go under~ #youfxckinghipters

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