For those who are looking to pick up their Wednesday work steez, study or ceebsness I gots the remedy. Trolling SoundCloud I found this EP from Broke One, which dropped a couple weeks ago (so you can probably find a DL link). I’m not putting it here ‘cos like lawsuit/site termination/#fxckthat etc. etc.

But I will leave the SoundCloud stream for it and you can DL the first singlay by jumping the pic. Very good for a midweek redux.

Broke One - Go Go Go (Russ Chimes Remix) *DOWNLOAD HERE*

So Sally says I should’ve been a columnist. Do you reckon GQ aus would accept a WordPressBlog as a formal CV? Hmm wishful thinking..

If your having a sick day, or two or three here’s some junkie things you can do with your crew to remedy the cabin fever, although who’s complaining about bed, TV and feeds with this weather?

Leftovers in an Asian household. Never ceases to amaze.
Ghetto roasting, fxck the cubscouts (sorry Kathy!!)
"Memoirs of a Stoner."

Oh dude Jinman AKA Jingaman AKA Smoke DZA is doing a set at SoundBombing tomorrow night. If you’re looking for a reason to drink cheaply whilst the weather is chatt (+ nil admission) I heavily recommend checking this event out.

Bedtime now. XO

Oh shit..

Jinga parking lot pimpin'

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