“ERiC’s Infinite Playlist.” –{|$_$|}

Eyes on the prize.

To create an analogy for music from women, I would say hip-hop can be best though of as the on & off girlfriend that loves to hate me and dubstep… definitely the bad girl reserved for messy nights, shared epileptic  fits and eye burning mornings.

Put ’em together (well) and I’m somewhere between a mild heart attack and Saturday Morning Disney #90skidisht

With every Euro-lad coming up as either a “restauranteer” or DJ these days you got a handful who are actually dope. Here are two of the latest blends from Swedish 17 year old Superginger. On my playlist this week, both collabs with The Late Great Bedstuy and yes this is fxcking dope. Peep the pic after the jump for the link.

Party and Bullshit.

Also check out dude’s Soundcloud here for more DeGraws.

Hollow, swallow, follow and ceebs another Adele reeemix!

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