Heaven/Havin’/Kevin Bacon?

Fxck the fatty stigma, the gym or the “Zyzz Effect”.

Food makes shit, shitting and shitty days better. If you were to ask the question what could make food even better you’d get a popular response regarding macaroons. Lets be real, your real first thought would be Maccas nuggets. For real.

Anyway lets kill the pretensions as I show you some crazy ish on how to use bacon beyond breakfast and BLT’s.

Fuck no.

1. Maple Bacon Ice-Cream Sundae

The biproduct of many generations of Canadian canabis intake.

2. Bacon Smores

Real name: Bacon Smbros

You fiend these when you go camping but now dude doesn’t need to look like such a bitch when he has a craving.

3. Bacon Pecan Cheesecake


Not like a ham and cheese sandwich but definitely going H.A.M.on that creme chezzz.

What about bacon and seafood? Kicking myself ‘cos I missed out on this gem:

Feeling better? Maybe after a mild heart attack.

Peace ’til the next eat.


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