Literapture: Sydney Writer’s Festival

Yo so there’s a lot on in Sydney over the next two weeks. Which kind of sucks donkey skrotes ‘cos most uni student’s (like maybe myself… or not) are heading into exams or getting in those final 4000 x 32^3 word assignments in.

But why give up the op to see some of the cooler stuff, such as the SWF which has been rolling out over the past week and comes to an end after the weekend. Really the only reason I’m fiending this is because high profile chef/professional squatter Anthony Bourdain is going to make an appearance. This man is the mecca of my brother’s respect circle, which if you know Andrew, is a pretty big deal.

"Ayy.. AYY YOUSSEE!!" - The Face of Respect, '011

If you don’t remember or haven’t seen it Andrew actually wrote a review of one of Bourdain’s works earlier on in the flog’s history.

So you should go see him ‘cos he’s a pretty big deal. That or you might want to meet a man who has done this:

Or who expresses himself like this:

He has a tumblr but since I’m not a part of the counter-culture revolution nor one of ’em like-art-types *Kenny Son* then I will choose to not endorse it. Too bad Mr. Bourdain has already won the war.

I'm rich BIATCH!

Respect and envy. Peace!

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