Like ‘likecool’


1. the introduction of something new.

2. a new idea, method or device.

R3volver’s interpetation: the opposite of lacking imagination.


Physalia Studio’s ‘Happiest Machine Alive’ innovated for entry in the F5 2011 RE:PLAY Film Festival.

Christian Schallert, an innovator of convenient living, ultimate style and weight-loss. This shit is baller and has elligible bachelor written all over it. Too bad dude is probably gay-as-aids.

So this will be the Lil Wayne of laptops. Hard to imagine but the geeks have (maybe) done it again. Just don’t throw it into a river.

So if you’re not as inspired as these guys ‘n gals then you’re probably not sniffing that permanent marker enough.

To see more crazy sh!t on a regular basis head over to likecool to see what the guys over there are talkin’ about.

‘Til next time, BRAIN DAMAGE!

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