Crossovers x Codeine | Cocaine & Caviar

This is a completely off-topic post.

The “3 M’s” complete what I would call a good week or day-to-day routine:




I’m hoping that secretly (or not so secretly) there are a tonne of women out there who can appreciate this. *Fooze for thought: how often does dude tell you  you’re “the shit”? NB: the “the” is very crucial.

*Lost in translation: pet names and clingy-overstatements have become the stuff of cringeworthy nightmares. WHERE IS THE LOVE?!

Speaking of, I missed out on Fashion Week this week, so no sexy photos this time. However I feel like I see this between the hours of 8am and 12pm on a daily basis in the Sydney CBD so in deferred activity this was a warm change:

Cheat... year?

The bomb lady.

I did get to see the gallery opening for The Semi-Permanent Exhibition, showcasing such artists as Corey Arnold, Michael Leon, Moffitt:Moffitt & Reg Mombassa aka the “Mambo Guy”. Shit was tight. Crowd had mad steez.

Someone's calling for coke to get legalised. And there's nothing wrong with that.

I keep seeing Mrs. Portman wherever I go (literally, she’s on every bus shelter pane). Still there’s something undeniably ON about the actress with an invisible rocket strapped to her back.

The head bow no longer carries jail-bait connotations

Here’s the official making of the ad. The reason I didn’t post the actual ad was, well this was for some reason better. So I played butcher/kitchenhand:

Got back from San Franfrisky Cisco not long ago. City was crazy. Another experience in the downtrodden area, more shuffling crack heads and public urination. Nothing new of note. The craziest thing I probably saw was the big Victoria’s Secret department store. Go ahead, bite me. You can’t say you wouldn’t be sold on buying some ish if you saw this:

This is the most consumer-friendly I’ve ever seen sex in my life, word to Kat Stacks. Victoria’s Secret has successfully achieved that untapped human wall of basic instinct that exist somewhere to the far left between the space of rom coms and hardcore pornography. Gotta appreciate the ingenuity of psychological marketing.

Music for the Mood

A new track, a mix and a free album to hit and hopefully put you on the course of optimism. ‘Cos I do my damnest to not be a jerk and positivism is always too much to ask ^^

Click the pics for the links to tha sh!t. ‘Til next time, I LOVE YOU ALL  & umm #fxckthemall

Oh shiet IOU a crossover. Let’s go ahead and kill the speculation, how interesting the PlayOffs have been!

One thought on “Crossovers x Codeine | Cocaine & Caviar

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