The Revolver Roundtable Ep. 6: Fxck the World (Again) #allboutu

Every other city we go, every politician we know~ Good morning, day, afternoon and night to all the potato-sack-wearing scum and pieces of monkey trash… I love#hate you all.

The Government never sleeps and neither does the Smoking Revolver (new nickname, not really?) so here I am to smoke out some people keeping the cracks in the big houses sealed and slowly but surely watch these muthaf****az crumble, not unlike a Chips Ahoy!

"It's doo-doo baby!!"

Sex tapes in the Australian Defense Force! Women being mistreated! The inappropriate use of online social sites, not to mention male military personnel being constantly (and probably consistently) horny!! Baw GAWD!!!

If none of this is surprises you then don’t raise your hand. See how agreeable I am?

All of this however is immensely intricate in the minds of ADF who consider there to be flaws in the current policies and misconduct from having cadets in charge. Now I’m not a politician but if I could have 2 cents on the matter wouldn’t it be a lot easier to ammend this situation via the following:


Simple yet effective. As Australians we’ve somewhat become accustomed to following the lead of our brother/sister nations. So seeing as President Obama has already rolled out this method of judgement maybe sooner than later:

Thumbs up to officially trademark the catchphrase "If ya smelelelelell what Barack is cookin'!"

In other news a teenage mother has been charged with murdering her child by stabbing the baby boy to death with manicuring scissors. So just to be completely CLEAR there is a massive line between the idea of fuck the world and YOU’RE FUCKED.

Let’s crossover to special guest tonight, fictional krazee Annie Wilkes of Stephen King’s Misery and see what she thinks, Miss Wilkes?

"Scissors are so impractical."

Thank you Anne for your furthered insight and I love your Triple H impression!

Alright f**k this I’m out. But I want to encourage this FTW (F**k The World) mentality so with that being said I leave this parting gift. Til’ next time galah kients, keep ish feel.

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