3 Thing’s You NEED For Deez Holidaze

Halo all, tits the season to be joyous, merry and completely broke. To celebrate this annual holidae here are 3 necessities that I would like to share witchya:

1. Egg nog

Quick recipe for this bad boy:

i) Unflavored egg nog (can be purchased at any supermarket)

ii) Vanilla ice-cream.

iii) “Tha Rocket Fuel” (frangelico + white rum or brandy)

Mix it all up, refrigerate for a couple of hours and let the Christmas story tell itself.

2. Tha Feed

A good Christmas lunch/dinner/munch should traditionally include the following:

– A stuffed, roast turkey (or Tur-tur-key-key).

– A whole leg of ham.

– An awesome potato salad.

– Sides for daze.

However here is an exceptional alternative should none of these appeal to you:

3. Mu(sick)

‘Nuff sed x infinity. Download here.

Have a joyous and wonderfulicious Christmas my love sexy angel mannequins.

We’ll do it big one more time before the year is out. Big holy day PEACE!

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