The Revolver Roundtable Ep. 5: What do politics and homosexuals have in common? Probably more than you think…

Greetings fellow flesh bags of the doomed future.

It’s been a while and I’ve missed you all so much like an upside down Brit misses an english muffin. I was wishing for things to die down post the election, but now that they have, it’s time to bring back what Oz politics is missing: a little bit of tyranny here, a little dictatorship there…

Julia, you're the leader?! But you don't look anything like the beans...

I see this as a win for TWO major reasons:

1) The continued onslaught of our female, red-headed PM can only mean good things for the Donutz (and specifically for this blogger).

2) The hypothesis stands that she will go insane and eventually be driven to this:

Some would say I’m crazy, but I like to think I’m the most prepared…

But IF we can all agree on anything, its to hoping that Gillard will eventually celebrate her victory in a manner relative to this:


In other news, honey is NO MORE a politician, but more so in “pole position”. Yes I am referring to MP David Campbell’s recent stint with the wild side ala being caught emerging from a gay club. So in unrelated news Campbell is resigning from Parliament, with his official term ending next March. Yes he reportedly has stated that

"My decision to leave Parliament had NOTHING to do with him being caught at the club."

Alright buddy, errrm sure we all believe you. In fact let’s go to our special guest for this evening to capture his thoughts.

Ladies and gentlement, the NEW WWE Champion, The Viper, Raaaaaandy ORTOOOOON!!!


"I would R-K-O Campbell's grandmother to keep the title!"

Ahh thank you for such wonderful insight Mr. Randall Keith.

So Campbell appears to be making the right move (even though from left field) and admittedly, at the end of the day I guess it’s good enough to see at least one politician do something that makes sense. That and you gotta have empathy for the guy, I mean how could you NOT resist this?!

MP's, say hello to your retirement plan.

‘Till next time folks, keep the status quo in check and stay unhealthy!

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