Lifestyles of the ill & not-so-famous

So I was browsing the net looking for a sound byte related to “speeches”. Stumbled on what I consider to be a fairly undiscovered gem. I guess at the moment, outside of Nicki Minaj & Lauryn Hill, female MC’s are something of a dying breed. Enter Speech Debelle, a British rapper born in 1983. In less than 5 minutes I discovered 3 things that had me down with this artist:

1) She’s accomplished; won the 2009 Mercury Music Award with Speech Therapy beating albums from Sweet Billy Pilgrim, the Horrors, Florence and the Machine, Kasabian and Friendly Fires, among other artists.

2) She’s dope; she writes her own lyrics and some of her own music.

3) She’s just getting started.

This is a good example of a focus on making a good product and allowing that to flourish.

Keep killing em.

I sense a collab in the not too distant future (|-_-|)

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