Weekly Video Round^ *BONUS* Round^ – FATHER’S DAY! *Warning 18+ viewers only

I had a slight irony today as I stepped outside, iPod in hand, the wind looks like it’s gonna blow over the big wood stack like bad head, right onto my little ride. The song that cycles on is Cold Wind Blows. Little irony there.

Feliz día de padre! <Happy father’s day!>

A father couldn't be prouder *R.I.P.

And for all those who ain’t down with this, we got two words for ya…

Suck shit.

Now for the father’s who are checking out this blog (I dunno if there are any) I wanted to do a 2-part Round^ with the first part dedicated to each and every one of YOU!

Let’s roll it:

HA! Chaaaaaaatt.

Once again, God bless to all the father’s out there. Love & Peace ❤

1. B.o.B. – Magic featuring Rivers Cuomo

Not my favorite track off the Robert Ray album but it is definitely one where his experimental/genre-crossover style works more effectively.

2. Cee Lo Green – Fuck You

Remember when Eamon did that song a few years back. Yeah like that but much better.

3. Mark Ronson & The Business Intl. – The Bike Song featuring Kyle Falconer & Spank Rock

This one’s for Cam’s faszcha Graeme “Gray Day” Johnston & the collective of Edub Koreans who are too broke for a motor but too made for gettin their kicks dirty.

4. *Bonus Vid* Real McCoy – Another Night

Throwback to the 90s classic. Inspired and stuck in my head by ShoKk cuz. Be on the watch as something (un)related to this develops.

Talk to you soon, as a habit can be difficult thing to fill, until it is too hard to break.

PEACE! (|-_-|)

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