The Revolver Roundtable Ep. 4: like a horse, no donkey + *BONUS* Weekly Video Round^

Scourge of the living dead, sodomites and degenerates welcome to a pivotal edition of the Revolver gathering at the table which is shaped like a circular object:

Any other circular object BUT the f*&#ing Stargate...

So the results are in for the Aus federal election and guess what? Yeah I’m not gonna tell you the result just yet (although you probably already know thanks to either media awareness or to frustrating, over-caring parentals), but what I would like to state first and foremost is that I am incredibly PROUD of my local electorate Bennelong for showing as much care for the election as I do for the sci-fi genre.

"What the... THEESE arr theh candidaetes donkae?"

I think this accurately sums up how most of us felt about the whole shin dig. So what happens now? What happens next? Well I guess the endgame on this blogger’s agenda achieved ala Tony Abbott NOT PM. So Australia remains hung like… well like a donkey.

Introducing choose your own metaphor yaaay!

Since this is a combination of the Roundtable and the Video Round^ I would like to take this opportunity to allow jolly ‘ole Saint Nick to explain a hung parliament for us, Nicholas?

Naawww thanks Santa!

Now onto this weeks Video Round^^! Double Up because it’s the weekend and Ma$e is back again!

"Ya'll ain't ever seen Mature Ma$e before."

1. Drake – Miss Me (feat. Lil Wayne)

This video could be one of Drake’s best and conversely one of the worst things I have ever seen. Still it’s farkin’ mad:

2. Linkin Park – The Catalyst

Don’t ask me why but I like this new sound they got going on. Then again anything that sounds different from New Divide is a massive improvement. Tied in with the fact that this is an ad for the new Medal of Honor game and you got a win on all switches.

3. Gucci Mane – The Movie


So that’s the Round^ and the ‘table for this week. Rather than say goodbye I would like to leave you with something memorable for the week’s end:

Hands up! It's gonna be a cold SeptemBURRR!!!

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