The Revolver Roundtable Ep. 3: all hands in favour of…

Hello troglodites and malnourished infested scourge of the doom machine, I’m proud to bring to you this week a very special edition of the “RR” onnn…


1. Mickey’s take

And no those are NOT hyperlinks to statistics.

But in all honesty why should we be concerned about statistics, about the gray, about ANY party except Liberal and Labor ‘cos at the end of the day it’ll most certainly go to one of these candidates.

And so the respective campaigns reach their summits at weeks end (Saturday to be exact). To be honest people I have voted already, and while I won’t disclose my exact choices I will say that I did everything in my power to NOT vote for this guy:

What a f***in' galah c**t.

It’s difficult for me to be objective and unbias here as one morning I turned on the television to watch that morning talk show (I think they call it Sun…shine/rise? I’m not 100% but I love the theme song!) and saw what was decisively the game changer in my choosing process:

If I had a dollar for everytime Tony Abbott reiterated the point, I’d probably run for PM myself! Let’s imagine…

The Federal Government will inherit a new name: "The Umbrella Corporation"

Never give me this power, ever. I am way too keen for the zombie apocalypse to go down.

So the moral of my rant is vote ANYthing but Abbott. Two simple points: one, he is wishing to introduce a broadband plan but hasn’t the faintest idea on Aus broadband to begin with, re: quote: “I’m not a tech wizard by any means”.

Yuh but Tony ‘ole boy it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what peak broadband is. Unless of course you DON’T KNOW WHAT BROADBAND IS!? DEAR GOD!!!

Secondly he wants to bring back that worker’s policy that gives complete power back to the employer, therefore exempting the employment rights of the lil’ guy. Yes YOU little guy. In short you could get fired for sneezing or borrowing a pen. Dramatic I know but effective. Anyways filth mites, enough from me on the election, make a good choice or do that other voting style that Shrek loves:

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