Weekly Video Round^

“Looking good, especially your boobs. Yeah, those boobs.”

Welcome to another wholesome viewing reel deal sex appealin’ sesch of the weekly video round-up. Before I start though a couple of OH-some moments that occurred in the most recent of Donut Daze.

– San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) = megastars of movies/tv shows/cartoons based on the coolest shit out + wicked gadgets and/or goodies that you’ll probably never see ever again in your lifetime + the President of the United States (one time) + any geek/nerd/fanboy/MANchild experiencing a mid-life crisis with a salary.

– Yeah so that’s that in a nutshell. There were a lot of awesome things that went down this year, most of which I won’t go into because… well as Leese would tell you I could likely lose my mind to the amount of nerdgasming that would occur. So for this special edition of the video round^ I will let visuals speak for me:

OH SNAP! That's right, SDCC's biggest surprise was "assembling" the entire roster for the Avengers flick going down in 2-Oh-12. Let's hope they exceed all expectations

Some of the coolest video’s from the ‘Con weren’t even previews but moreso massive moments on the LOLlercoaster of love. Here we go:

Crowd reaction for that one was by far hands down priceless. But yeah, so who else thinks this collab makes no sense whatsoever?? If you’re a REAL gamer you’ll agree with me… agreeee >.>

Simply put, this movie looks like it’s gonna be amazing. AND if we’re lucky it’ll be superior to Avatar in every way.

Finally, possibly my favourite video from the entire weekend…

"Excuse me good sir, do you know in which direction I might happen upon the little boy's room?"

I saw Inception last week. The film heralded as Christopher Nolan’s opus left me both impressed and amused with little room for cynicism. I’m going for a second “kick” tomorrow, only this time seeing the piece in it’s IMAX format. Let’s see how that rolls out.


1. Brandon Flowers (the lead singer of The Killers) – Crossfire “featuring” Charlize Theron LOL jkz :p

2. KiD CuDi, Rostam Batmanglij & Bethany Cosentino of Vampire Weekend – All Summer (promotional campaign for Converse)

3. KiD CuDi performing REVOFEV & Mr. Rager live at the NYC Bape Store, courtesy of the good folks at HipHopDX.com

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