7pm Project, You GENIUS!!!

How do you spot a meth lab? Simple just switch on the 7pm project!! Their program is full of detailed stories and tips to ensure that you stay safe on the dangerous dangerous streets of Sydney.

After watching 7pm’s first time EVER covered, busted wide open breakthrough story on how to spot a meth lab and how to avoid it killing you and your family I sat a while, eating my laughing cow cheese and thought to myself how did I ever manage to dodge all the millions of meth labs round the burbs’ just waiting to explode and take out my loved ones, neighbours, surrounding schools and residential areas?

A thought first occurred to me soon after that the reason I had survived an entire 22 years without a single limb ripping meth lab incident occurring may be due to the fact that unlike that boring semi down syndrome retarded gopher that hosts the show, I have never pursued a career as an ice addict or slept with one (yeah we all know how you got that gig, through “hard hitting journalism” and “long hours”… Although I don’t doubt there were some hard hits involved during her climb to the bottom of the filth pit that is the current affairs genre)

However, a thought later occurred that perhaps the reason I had never been forced to rip bodies and kittens in a Dee-“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”-like fashion from a burning building due to a meth manufacturing gone wrong may be because… maybe they’re not that much of a risk…maybe the 7pm project is really just a panel of high school drop out duds who don’t even know how to spell the word ‘news’ and who can’t for the life of them think of a single comedic way to present the news or even think of a current and relevant story… so in an effort to desperately hold onto their undeserved prime time slot and lure back some of their old viewers they banged up this heap of crap 30 seconds before the show started (a story about how to spot a meth lab is clearly aimed at addicts- the only people dumb or high enough to enjoy the jokes in this show).

Perhaps next time guys…do a story on something that is actually relevant and presents an actual risk…how about a special on teaching old people how to cross the road faster at pedestrian crossings or perhaps teaching young children how to spot a pedophile (ref. Jonas)… even better how about you leave the news to the real journalists and its comedic and witty presentation to the good news week team…

… just a thought?

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